Did you know?

A few things you might like to know about us

Bretton Woods is a young firm, but with experienced and energetic professionals.


Bretton Woods is fully compliant with all the regulations required of us. 

  • Company Registration Number 0940885
  • FCA Number 779711
  • Lloyd’s - authorised since November 2017
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  • Handpicked team – each member has been individually identified and recruited.
  • Our broking team has more than 15 years’ average experience working in insurance.
  • Personal responsibilities - we have an open and transparent architecture which allows us to support and work together seamlessly to ensure excellent service standards.
  • Market leading processes – processes have been put in place to ensure accurate and timely documentation.
  • Ratio of technical support to brokers – we maintain a strong balance so that we are able to process accounts and claims for our clients. Brokers and technical support work closely to provide the best possible service standards.
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  • Experienced
    • Years – the average experience of our brokers is > 15 years
    • Classes – each member of our team brings strength and depth in placing and developing coverages. Please see Products & Solutions page
    • Size – we have serviced the broadest possible spectrum of clients from the relatively small, portfolio based approach to some of the largest international corporations and house hold names.
    • Technically Strong
    • Knowledge of market capabilities and appetites
    • We have strong working relationships with key carriers in London (Lloyd’s as well as Company Markets), Europe, Bermuda and Domestic US
    • As required by regulators, we have TOBAs (Terms of Business Agreements) in place accordingly
    • We have each worked to develop strong relationships with key Underwriters who recognise our abilities, trust us and are eager to work with us.
Customer Support2
  • Service Standard of 24 Hour turnaround of requests
  • Accurate and consistent documentation
  • We keep our partners updated on relevant developments throughout the process.

Bretton Woods was established in 2015 (how time has flown already), but has already enjoyed strong progress in growing and establishing its reputation.

Business milestones
  • Independently authorised
  • Financially secure
  • A strong and supportive network of business
  • Strong growth and expecting further growth in coming years.

We have the ability to streamline the binding authority processes, including the automation of premium and claims bordereaux collection. We can then automatically process this data to dissect a portfolio with each and every metric displayed and tailored to our clients’ needs.

We sign up to the whitespace platform to give BWI the ability to trade with the markets via an online methodology.

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